The arrival of my flight was delayed by more than 3 hours!

Was the arrival of your flight delayed by more than 3 hours and do you want EuroFlyRefund to help you claim compensation? Here, we will explain to you how it works in 2 easy steps!

1. Check your claim

If you are on the homepage of EUROFLYREFUND, right at the top of the page you will see a form where you can check whether or not you have a right to compensation, at no obligation, simply by entering your flight number and flight date. You will find the flight number on your ticket as well as your booking confirmation. This number is a combination of 2 letters and up to 4 digits (e.g. OS456). When providing the date, please use the date which is also printed on your ticket. This corresponds to the date on which your flight should have taken off. Once you have done that, simply click on “Check my claim free of charge” and you will automatically be redirected to the next page, where you will be able to check free of charge whether or not you do indeed have a right to compensation. Here, you can once again double-check your flight data for accuracy. If everything is correct and pertains to a flight that was either late, canceled or overbooked, please then click on “Continue”. If, for some unexpected reason, it happens not to be your flight, you can enter your flight information manually or begin a new search. In the next step, select the problem that affected your flight. Here, you can choose from “delayed”, “canceled”, “boarding denied”, “rerouted”, “turned back” or “missed”. If your flight was delayed, click on “delayed” and then enter when your flight actually arrived at the destination airport. More precisely, when the doors of the plane were opened at the destination airport and the passengers were allowed to exit the plane. The more precise you can be about the time, the more accurately we will be able to determine the amount of your compensation. If you know the reason for the delay, please supply this information. Then click on “Continue”. Now you will see the amount of compensation you can expect. If there is anything else you wish to share with us (e.g. “We had to wait for the plane to take off and were not notified of the reason for the delay”), please provide that information here. By clicking on “demand compensation”, you will move on to the next step.

2. Demand Compensation

In order to pursue your claim for a compensation payment against the airline, we ask you to provide us with some information. You can enter this in the corresponding sections of the form. Naturally, we will treat all of your information in the strictest confidence and only share this information with the airline in question as well as our lawyers in order to pursue your claim. If you wish, you can create a personal user account in order to stay informed about the current status of your claim for compensation. Additionally, should you have to deal with potential flight delays in future, as well as any associated compensation claims, this will save you having to enter your information again. If other persons were traveling with you and you also wish to demand, free of charge, a compensation payment on their behalf, then please enter here the number of persons involved along with their names and addresses. At the end of the form, you can provide us with additional information pertaining to the flight. Please don’t forget to check the box next to “Privacy Policy”. This will allow us to provide your name and address to the airline as well as our lawyers. Only by doing so will we be able to pursue your claim for a compensation payment. After clicking on “Continue” again, you will be able to double-check the information you have provided. You will also have an opportunity to add additional information. This might include photos of information boards at the airport, PDF files, emails of booking confirmations, invoices or tickets, as well as correspondence you have received from the airline. If there is anything else of importance you wish to share with us, you may then do so. Finally, click on “Submit” to send us your claim details. We will then pursue you your compensation claim quickly and uncomplicatedly