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Delta Airlines is a US-American airline headquartered in Atlanta. It is considered the airline with the world's largest aircraft stock. With a passenger volume of about 111 million, it is currently the second largest airline in the world. This list is headed by the merged airlines United and Continental. Delta Airlines was founded in 1924 as an agricultural airline for crop pollination in Georgia. In 1941, they moved to Atlanta and since 1945, Delta Airlines has its name. With acquisitions of airlines such as Southern Airlines or Northeast Airlines and finally Western Airlines, Delta Airlines rose to become the fourth largest airline in the United States. As a result, Delta Airlines benefited from the bankruptcy of Pan American Airlines and took over the terminal of this airline at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. Delta Airlines was originally built on the Douglas DC-8, but with the acquisitions and development of air hubs in Los Angeles and Salt Lake City, more and more Boeing 727-200 aircraft entered the Delta Airlines fleet.

Economically difficult times experienced Delta Airlines in the years 2001 to 2006, in which after hard savings and the Atlantic Southeast Airlines had to be sold.

In the second quarter of 2005, Delta Airlines reduced its losses to approximately $ 390 million, down from $ 2 billion a year earlier. In September 2005, Delta finally filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which under US law is feasible even during ongoing operations. The company claims to have accumulated a debt of nearly $ 20 billion.
A hostile takeover by the US Airways could prevent the management, but further losses led to a share intersection and a merger with Northwest Airlines. As a result, they also reduced the regional route network in the US and examined machines with less than 50 seats.
In April 2008, Delta Airlines and Northwest Airlines announced that they would merge to become the largest airline in the world. The newly formed company was subsequently run under the name Delta by hitherto acting Delta CEO Richard Anderson. The US Antitrust Authority finally approved the merger in October 2008 so that the merger could be completed as of this day.
At the beginning of 2012, a slot exchange between Delta Airlines took place with the former as enemy transferee US Airways. In doing so, Delta Airlines handed over all the slots at Washington National Airport to the US Airways and in return got from US Airways all the slots at New York LaGuardia Airport.
The Delta Airlines fly to several airports in Europe. Including Frankfurt am Main from Atlanta, Detroit and JFK. Zurich, Dusseldorf, Munich, Stuttgart and Berlin Tegel are served from Atlanta, Detroit and JFK.

Like other airlines, Delta Airlines uses a mix of Boeing and Bombardier.

In April 2016, Delta Airlines announced a fixed order for a total of 75 Bombardier CS100s and also secured options on 50 more machines of the same type. Delta became the largest operator of the C-Series. The most commonly used aircraft types are Boeing 717, 787 and Bombardier CS100.

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