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Compensation for a missed connecting flight

A connecting flight arises when a flight consists of multiple stages with at least one intermediate stop. Formerly, as an airline passenger you would be left emptyhanded if you had missed a connecting flight due to a minor delay, since connecting flights are not addressed in airline passenger regulation 261/2004. But pursuant to more recent case law (BGH handed down 28.05.2009 - Xa ZR 113/08), this situation has now changed and, as an airline passenger, you will receive compensation if, due to flight delays, you fail to make your connecting flight on time. In the event of a missed connecting flight, even a delay of less than 3 hours might lead to a compensation claim amounting to 250, 400 or 600 euro. Such flights must have been purchased in the form of a single booking or ticket. If you happened to buy your connecting flight separately from the preceding flight, meaning that you have different booking numbers and tickets, you will have no claim to compensation.


The amount of your claim is determined by how late you arrived at your final destination.

Combined flights involving one or more intermediate stops, possibly also including code-sharing flights when booked and providing airlines are not necessarily identical, have proven themselves especially difficult to pursue against airlines. In general, this is a task best reserved for professionals such as EuroFlyRefund. Whether or not the missed connecting flight is eligible for compensation can be determined easily, quickly and, best of all, free of charge by entering your flight details in our EuroFlyRefund compensation calculator. Here, as in all instances, it is important to send your booking confirmations as well as tickets to EuroFlyRefund, so that we are able to provide evidence of your booking in the form of a booking number, and then successfully assert your legal claim for compensation against the airline in question.