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Was your flight delayed or even canceled, and you don’t know whether you have a right to compensation or not? Did you miss your connecting flight and want to know how much compensation you can expect? Was boarding denied due to an overbooked flight? If so, read on to learn more about your rights and options with respect to compensation claims.

Disclosure Requirement

The airline in question is required to inform you if your flight will be delayed, canceled or if boarding will be denied. Furthermore, the airline you are flying with must display a similar notice as follows at the check-in counter:

“If you are denied boarding or if your flight is canceled or if your flight is delayed by at least 2 hours, you may demand written information about your rights at the check-in counter or at the gate, in particular about compensation payments as well as other support services to which you are entitled."

In addition, it is the responsibility of the airline, in the event of flight cancellation, delay or denial of boarding, to provide you with an information sheet detailing your rights to compensation payments as well as support services.

Who has a claim?

In general, you have a claim for compensation for:

  • Denial of boarding
  • Cancellation
  • Delay

All airline passengers who hold a confirmed booking and a paid ticket under their name, and who depart or land from/at an EU airport (if the main headquarters of the airline is located within the EU) have a right to compensation in the event of flight delay, flight cancellation or denial of boarding. This likewise applies to package, business or low-cost travel, unaccompanied children, passengers with discounted tickets (discounted due to customer loyalty programs), and group travelers. Your fundamental compensation eligibility is shown in the following table:

Compensation scale

The amount of compensation payments is calculated on the basis of air mileage.

  • Flight distance less than 1500 km: compensation payment of € 250
  • Flight distance between 1500 km and 3500 km: compensation payment € 400
  • Flight distance over 3500 km: compensation payment € 600

Who does not have a right to compensation?

You do not have a claim for compensation if:

  • You are traveling at a reduced fare or for free (insofar as this fare is neither directly nor indirectly available to the general public)
  • You did not arrive on time, that is to say at least 45 minutes prior to departure time, at the check-in counter
  • You gave airline personnel a reason to deny you boarding (for example, you represented a health or safety risk to other passengers or a risk to the safe operation of the flight)