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Obligations of the airlines – what you absolutely need to know!

If flights are delayed or even canceled, airlines are generally not at a loss for an excuse. However, there are only a few extraordinary circumstances when the airline is discharged from their obligation to pay passengers compensation. The airlines also have other obligations which they are required to meet. Precisely what those are, you will find here!

Passenger Rights – Airline Disclosure Requirement

Unfortunately, it is frequently the case that passengers are informed about flight delays or cancellations either insufficiently or not at all. However, this is not permitted. In the event of delays and cancellations, airlines are required to hand relevant information to the airline passengers who are affected.

Transparent Airline Fares

At the time they make their booking, passengers must be clearly informed about the costs they can expect, including taxes, fees and surcharges. If this is not the case, this can be reported to the national aviation authority.

Technically Flawless Aircraft

Clearly, technical problems can always occur unexpectedly. However, inspections of the technical condition of the aircraft are the responsibility of the airline itself. In other words, technical problems that result in a flight delay or cancellation do not fall under the category “extraordinary circumstance” and therefore do not justify the denial of compensation payments.

Ice-Free Aircraft

Every airline is obligated to de-ice their aircraft in a timely fashion and to maintain it in an ice-free condition, so that no delays or flight cancellations are caused by de-icing work.

Support Services for Passengers

Regardless of the duration of the delay or length of wait, in the event of flight cancellations and delays airlines are required to provide their passengers with adequate support services. Precisely what those are can be found in the table below.