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Your Lufthansa flight was delayed more than 3 hours? Get now up to 600 euros compensation! Simply anonymous and without obligation enter flight number and date.

Lufthansa flight delay compensation?

To claim the compensation for a Lufthansa flight, first enter the flight number and date on the EUROFLYREFUND Compensation Calculator. The flight number can be found on the plane ticket and usually starts at Lufthansa with LH and a directly following 4-digit number. The official date of the flight is printed on the ticket or the booking confirmation. Now enter the flight number and the flight date and then press "CALCULATE NOW FOR FREE", the estimated amount of claim will be calculated and displayed on the basis of the flight data without obligation, free of charge and anonymously. With zero Euro claim was the delay too short or the flight in principle not eligible because he took place, for example, from a non-EU airline to Europe. If a claim of 250 to 600 euros is displayed, simply fill in your name and your email in the appropriate fields. The competent EUROFLYREFUND team checks your claim and immediately sends you a power of attorney, which you then fill out as quickly as possible and then send it by email or mail to EUROFLYREFUND. As a result, EUROFLYREFUND will look after your case and contact Lufthansa and, if necessary, file the claim. If the airline then pays, we need your bank details and the compensation for legal expenses insurance is paid commission-free, minus 19% as part of the family package from 4 people or the standard package 29%.

Lufthansa flight delayed- what compensation can you expect?

When compensation for a flight is said to be a delayed flight, this does not mean the time of the delayed departure, but rather the late arrival at the destination airport. A machine can thus catch up with the delay during takeoff during flight by, for example, faster airspeed but also taking advantage of favorable winds. Legally in the sense of the EU Passenger Rights Regulation 261-2004 the delayed arrival by opening the door of the aircraft at the airport is used as the time, so an airplane, which is on the runway in the sense of EU Regulation 261-2004 actually not yet landed but is considered landed only when the doors are open and the passengers can leave the machine. Incidentally, in the case of delays the compensation is not a combination of flight distance and duration of the delay, but it is always 3 hours, regardless of the flight distance.

Minimum flight delay at the destination airport to get compensation:

Predictable compensation per distance?

How difficult is it to enforce claims for flight delays?

EU Regulation 261-2004 was originally designed to improve compliance with flight schedules and force airlines to be more disciplined. The related rights of air passengers when waiting at airports due to late flights should also be strengthened. For example, airlines are first obliged to provide drinks and food for the waiting passengers (link).
Also for Lufthansa, the rates for lump-sum compensation for late flights are dependent on the flight distance up to 600 euros and are paid to the damaged passengers. In practice, however, the system suffers from the fact that it is not really easy for passengers to come to this compensation, as the airlines like to save the payout. Right from the start you realize how difficult it is to find a correct address where claims can be asserted. It is the question to clarify who actually was the executive carrier? Today, there are code sharing and wet-lease contracts between airlines, which are often difficult for even specialists to find out. With online forms of airlines on websites, the submitter often does not even get a confirmation and so can not prove a submission, bad at a court hearing. Often, only specialist aviation specialists like EUROFLYREFUND, who know exactly how to get the compensation, can help here.

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