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Lufthansa flight cancelled?

Check your claim! Your Lufthansa flight has been canceled? Here is all the information on how to get up to 600 € compensation also commission-free.

Lufthansa flight cancelled?

In order to get the lump-sum compensation of a canceled Lufthansa flight, it is recommended to enter the flight number and the flight date first with the EUROFLYREFUND Compensation Calculator anonymously and without obligation. The flight number can be easily found on the ticket or on the booking confirmation by searching for the letter code that begins with LH and continues with a 4-digit number. The flight date is just as easy to see on the flight ticket and / or the booking confirmation. Simply enter your flight number and date into the EUROFLYREFUND Compensation Calculator and then press "CALCULATE NOW FOR FREE".

Within seconds, the flight is searched for and analyzed, and then anonymously, without obligation and free of charge the expected compensation amount. At 0 euros, either the flight itself was not eligible for compensation or the final arrival with the rebooked flight at the destination airport was simply within the tolerance times. If an anticipated claim in the amount of 250 to 600 euros is displayed, you should simply press on the form "CONTINUE" and enter your name and your e-mail address.

The EUROFLYREFUND team will start to check your claim as soon as possible on the basis of the flight details and accompanying circumstances, and you will then be sent a power of attorney which only includes the claim of this flight. Now you should sign as soon as possible the largely pre-filled power of attorney and then send by e-mail either by mail to the EUROFLYREFUND.
Now you do not have to worry about anything, as EUROFLYREFUND takes care of all the letters and formalities and contacts Lufthansa. If the airline is unwilling to pay, the claim will be filed if necessary. As soon as Lufthansa pays, please send us your bank details and we will transfer the compensation immediately. If you have a legal expenses insurance, the whole thing is free of commission, otherwise we only keep a commission of 19% for the family package or 29% for the standard package for our costs and expenses.

When does a cancellation of flight qualify as compensation?

Not every canceled flight is eligible immediately, because the decisive factor is when you actually arrive at the destination airport as an airline passenger. It is also important that there is no extraordinary circumstance such as bad weather, bird strike or even a volcanic eruption, because of which the airline would be free of power.
If your flight is canceled, the airline will usually offer you a replacement service that you are most welcome to use. If the arrival at the airport with the replacement transport arrives later than 5 hours, you are entitled as a passenger to withdraw from the flight at all.
It is advisable to talk to Lufthansa and to look for a viable solution.
For larger delays there is the obligation of the airline to provide the passengers waiting for drinks and meals free of charge.

So much later you have to arrive for a compensation the replacement flight at the destination:

Amount of the probable compensation?

Why do airlines like Lufthansa not pay?

Lufthansa is one of the punctual airlines in Europe. If it comes to a flight cancellation and despite rebooking to a much later arrival at the airport, you should not automatically expect an unbureaucratic payment of compensation. Often, the airline has bad weather but also security issues that have led to deletion. In fact, it is hard for a consumer to prove what it really was - but EUROFLYREFUND's legal specialists know what to do and are happy to claim the claim - also free of charge and free of commission from all airlines.