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Experience with Lufthansa with compensation

You want to claim a compensation due to a delayed or cancelled flight? You can find out about what to expect from Lufthansa, what you are entitled to compensation and how you can despite to a lot of negative experience from flight passengers manage to get to your money- also free!

Experience with Lufthansa with compensation

Lufthansa is not only a very large airline, but experience has shown that it is also one of the world's airlines with the fewest flight delays. However, if your flight is canceled and the replacement flight does not arrive at the destination more than 2 hours later, you are entitled to compensation.
In order to claim compensation for this flight delay, it is necessary to contact the airline. But since it can be quite complicated, because it is just unclear at Lufthansa with the many code sharing flights together with airlines from the Lufthansa Group, whom you should actually turn to. Here is the Euroflyrefund Compensation Calculator.

To which adress do I sent the compensation claims?

Basically, there is no longer a generally valid e-mail address for compensation claims, but only a complaint form that is not so easy to find on the large Lufthansa website. Incidentally, this is not uncommon in today's airlines, as delayed passengers in the search just give up once and waive up to 600 €.

If you have worked with the search function on the website for information on flight delays, flight cancellations, missed connection flights and denied Boarding, you will quickly come to a link of the SÖP.
This is probably not a coincidence: here one is indeed informed of his claims for free and the submission is free, but these public arbitration bodies are not randomly free. In most cases, they lack the organizational ability to enforce claims in court. Experience has shown, however, that Lufthansa often resorts to bad weather or problems at the airport against a declared claim for compensation and is thus exempted from the obligation to pay compensation by Article 5 (3) of the EU Passenger Rights Regulation. And if an airline passenger here has no reliable evidence and is not ready to enforce his claims in court, he will probably go out empty-handed.
By the way, at Euroflyrefund the examination of the claims is also free of charge and the claim for compensation at Euroflyrefund costs only 29% of the compensation amount if it is successful, ie if Lufthansa actually pays. If you have a legal expenses insurance, you pay no commission and with a family booking from 4 persons only 19%.
And best of all: the cost risk of a lawsuit is entirely covered by Euroflyrefund.

What experiences have passengers made with Lufthansa's reply letters?

Who has found the input form and then filled out correctly, finally gets a confirmation letter by e-mail, which confirms the arrival of the complaint and indicates that Lufthansa will consider the case.
An average, how long it takes until a statement from Lufthansa on the flight delay, there is not, because it comes to very different waiting times. But an experience with Lufthansa has certainly been made in recent years: the increasing flight delays worldwide often call for bad weather and security problems at airports.
But why are bad weather and security issues so popular as excuses, not only at Lufthansa? Quite simply: bad weather and security problems are, according to the jurisdiction, an "extraordinary circumstance" in which Lufthansa, like any other airline, does not have to pay. And bad weather and security problems are very difficult to refute for an airline passenger, because at airports you get to historical weather data and problems at the airport very slow or no information. Only aviation law experts like Euroflyrefund know how to get solid evidence and then can enforce compensation in court, if the airline persistently refuses to pay.

Lufthansa is delayed- what should you according to experience not forget?

For all delays, it is recommended that the airline confirm the reason and the duration of the delay in writing. It is important that delays are not measured when departing but when landing or when opening the door at the destination airport.

From which delay there is compensation:

The expected amount of payment:

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