Compensation for Business Travel

EU regulations covering air travel do not differentiate between compensation claims pertaining to travel for business or pleasure.
Business travelers are constantly asking who has the right to receive compensation paid out in the event of a delayed or canceled flight – the traveler him-/herself or the business that bought the ticket in the first place? Here, the law clearly stipulates that it is the person who was disadvantaged by the waiting period who is also entitled to damages. This means that the employee who was sent on a business trip and, due to a variety of circumstances, was forced to wait, is eligible for compensation.
An exception only exists if the business expressly claims the compensation payment for itself and the employee agrees – in this case, the compensation then goes to the business in question.

If you receive a payment from the airline, this is not taxable since this is considered compensation, the intent of which is to offset damage to you personally. Therefore, this does not constitute a capital gain that might be subject to taxation. However, if you are still uncertain, we suggest talking to your tax consultant.

How do you assert your claim?

In most instances, it is easier to turn to us and we will pursue your claim for compensation. We are able to draw upon important evidence in the form of historical flight and weather data, strike schedules and precise calculation methods, helping you to obtain the compensation you are due as quickly as possible. Also, this denies the airline the opportunity to avoid having to pay compensation through a variety of evasions and other tricks.

When do you have a right to compensation?

If you are in possession of a confirmed booking and a paid ticket with your name on it, and if you were flying from an EU airport or landing at one (if the main headquarters of the airline is within the EU), you have a claim to compensation for flight delays, flight cancellations or for denial of boarding.

Amount of Your Compensation

The amount of your compensation is fundamentally determined by the distance of your flight. If this is under 1500 km, the passenger is eligible for €250. If the distance is between 1500 km and 3500 km, compensation is €400 and, should the distance be over 3500 km, the amount is €600. In special cases, namely if the delays at the destination airport are very minimal, the airline may reduce the amount of your claim by 50%.