How do I receive my compensation?

If you are finally setting off on a long-awaited vacation, flying to a business meeting or returning from a city trip, you are generally reliant on your flights taking off and landing on time. But unfortunately, and for a variety of reasons, flights are frequently delayed, canceled or postponed. In such cases, according to EU regulation 261/2004, since 2005 passengers have the right to receive a compensation payment.

So, if you were affected by a delayed or canceled flight, if you were denied boarding or missed a connecting flight, we at EUROFLYREFUND are the people to turn to. That said, you should first check whether the following points apply to you:

  • You hold a ticket issued under your name
  • You appeared at the check-in counter in a timely fashion (unless otherwise stated on your booking confirmation, at least 45 minutes prior to departure)
  • The flight in question was no more than 3 years ago
  • You are in possession of a valid booking confirmation as well as a valid ticket, which may also be associated with a customer loyalty or marketing program
  • The airplane landed at an airport inside the EU and the airline is headquartered within the EU
  • Or the airplane took off from an airport inside the EU
  • There were no extraordinary circumstances which led to the delay, cancellation etc.
  • The fare which you paid for the flight was neither free nor reduced due to circumstances not available to the general public

If these points apply to you, you have the right to a compensation payment. In order to collect this quickly and un-problematically, on our home page you will find a form where you can easily enter the flight number and date of your flight. We will then be able to quickly calculate the amount of compensation you can expect.

up to € 600,- Compensation

Ärger mit der Airline?

With EURO FLY REFUND, get the compensation you are owed

If you are entitled to compensation, retain us to pursue your claim with the airline. Our specialized lawyers will negotiate any bureaucratic hurdles on your behalf. If, at the end of the process, you do indeed receive compensation, we will only receive 28.8% as payment for our efforts.