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Ärger mit der Airline?

With EURO FLY REFUND, get the compensation you are owed

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The number 1 address for passenger rights!

Regardless of whether you have been affected by a flight delay, cancellation or overbooking – you have a claim to compensation and at EuroFlyRefund we will help you assert your rights!

Receiving compensation has never been this easy!

Just a few clicks from your goal
Simply provide the date and flight number, then we’ll check quickly and at no obligation whether you have a compensation claim.
No red tape for you
If you have a justified compensation claim, we will take care of all the paperwork. You won’t have to worry about a thing and we will assert your rights!
Quick, no-hassle payout
If you are awarded compensation, we will transfer the amount to your bank account. We will merely retain 24% plus VAT. If we are unsuccessful, you will not have to pay a commission.

We will assert your compensation claim!

When a flight is late, canceled or overbooked, that is annoying enough. But in cases such as these, you have a right to compensation for the aggravation you have been caused. And at EuroFlyRefund, we will help you assert that right.
With our help, and without any major effort or red tape, you may receive a compensation payment of up to €600. We are also here to assist you with all other matters relating to airline travel and compensation.

Un-bureaucratic, quick solutions thanks to our helpful, friendly team

We at EuroFlyRefund will help you assert your rights without getting bogged down in red tape and a bureaucratic jungle. We will be right there at your side from beginning to end, providing you with personal advice with no ifs, ands or buts! Thanks to our lean team of professionals, we are able to guarantee quick, efficient communication. Which means, we are always right there at your side to provide personal advice whenever you need it.


Our legal experts go to work for you, with no bureaucracy and no risk!

Our many years of experience provide the perfect basis for competent and extensive advice in all matters. Often, passengers are intimidated by airlines and deprived of the compensation they are due – with us, that will definitely never happen! We pursue your justified claims, and that’s why EuroFlyRefund is the number 1 address for passenger rights!

Why EuroFlyRefund and no one else?

Fees are only contingent upon success
Pursuing a lawsuit against an airline can be nerve-racking and, more than anything, expensive. Even if you prove your case at the end of the day – you must bear the costs in advance. So, take the right path and retain us. If you don’t receive a compensation payment, there will be no cost for you.
Outstanding competency thanks to our experts
You will retain our experienced legal experts at no cost and at no obligation. By doing so, you will benefit from our bundled expertise about passenger rights and we guarantee you our full, personal commitment so that you receive the best possible support, even if we have to go to court.
Invest less time in achieving your goal
It takes no time at all for us to check whether you have a justified compensation claim. As soon as you have entered your information, we will take care of the rest!

This speaks for EuroFlyRefund!

The right help to assert your compensation claims
With the right help, more than 100,000 passengers have been successfully able to assert their compensation claims. Why not you, too?
Here with us, you are not just a number
We handle every inquiry individually and personally. We don’t just provide you with advice, we also keep you continually informed about the latest developments. Because your claim matters to us!
No more red tape
EuroFlyRefund will negotiate all of the bureaucratic obstacles on your behalf. We never leave you alone and even stand at your side if your case goes to court!